As a child I always was connected to the art world. I felt this inner request to create and to express myself through making physical substances. I asked my parents to bring me to the art school, I was obsessing picturing myself in a red hat with a brush in my hand. I was patiently observing surroundings and trying to notice and remember every detail that affected me.


One day in the fifth grade my drawing teacher said: “Everybody is so busy, everybody runs somewhere and nobody notices how beautifully the water flows down the road. I stood there for ten minutes today and tried to keep in mind that moment.”

I remember being impressed by his story, and since then I have been unconsciously paying even more attention to what is going on around me. I guess that is how I ended up in fine art: I wanted to work in a visual world that is worthwhile for me and for other people.

In my work I am trying to capture states of mind, body and soul when one is alone or deeply connected with nature. Such states that are incredibly difficult to describe – feeling that one could have while standing on the top of the mountain during winter. Or a feeling that one could have while disconnected from the loved ones and while not seeing them for a long time or ever.


Inspiration I find in nature, in everyday moments of joy and grief, in Georgian and Slavic culture as well as forms of religion. I believe that the world is overwhelmed with noise, information and unnecessary material objects, that is why I am trying to keep only elements that are necessary and try to get rid of other things that my pieces do not need to transfer a particular sense.


The works are made with oil colours due to their softness and richness. Painting with oil have become an active meditation for me, the medium is alive and gentle which brings me directly into the process – I let the brush lead me and I am open to the flow.


I want to transfer such states as calmness, peacefulness and fullness. The states that could bring the viewer in a safe place and to a feeling of freedom. So that the spectator is also diving in and meditating watching the paintings as I meditate creating them. 

Along with oil paints I work in analogue photography and textile art, however since 2020 it has been mostly oil on canvas.